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Chemotherapy Services
Day Care Services
The day care administration enables patients to leave the same day after chemotherapy infusion, saving both time and resources. The hospital offers extended hours, a variety of comforting treatment settings and advanced care support, with the objective of helping patients weave medical care into their lives. The day care facility is designed to help treat patients in an open environment that allows for interaction with others.
Intravenous (IV)
Intravenous is by far the most common method of chemotherapy, where a needle is inserted into a vein that is attached with tubing to a plastic bag holding the chemotherapy drugs. The needle is taken out at the end of each treatment. For some patients who undergo several chemotherapy sessions, a catheter, another type of plastic tubing, is inserted into one of the large veins and left in place during the entire chemotherapy regimen. Some patients have a metal or plastic disc known as a "port" implanted under the skin, to serve as an IV connection device.
IV bags are attached to a tall metal stand with wheels, providing some mobility. Some patients wear a small pump outside the body, with minimal interference to their normal routine. Other patients may have a drug pump surgically inserted into their body.
Oral chemotherapy
Oral chemotherapy drugs are taken by mouth, either in pill or liquid form.
Injections are mostly administered into the blood stream, though it can be given in CSF peritoneal fluid etc. in special circumstances.