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Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy is the treatment of cancer, using X-ray or similar forms of radiation. Radiation is one of the pillars of cancer management. It can be used as Radical treatment (sole modality) or Adjuvant treatment (along with other modalities). Radiation therapy may involve external beam treatment or brachytherapy - a technique in which radioactive sources are implanted permanently or for short intervals directly in or around a tumor.

Meet, our expert team of doctors, nurses and technicians who will guide you and be with you through the treatment process.

Our Team
Dr. Shraddha Raj
Dr. Jagdish Shinde

Here are some answers to questions you may have about the procedure and its effects on you.
1. How does radiation therapy work / What is Radiotherapy?
2. What are the different kinds of Radiation?
3. Is Radiation Therapy safe?
4. Are there any side effects?
5. Does radiation therapy harm surrounding organs?
6. Is radiation therapy painful?
7. Does radiation therapy cause infertility?
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