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Ear Nose Throat
The OPD setup is one of the best in Pune. Our ENT OPD boasts of the latest Zeiss Microscope, Nasal endoscopes, 70 and 90degree laryngoscope, Flexible Nasopharyngolaryngoscope and 0 and 30 degree Otoendoscopes. This makes it possible to perform diagnostic and small therapeutic procedures in the OPD itself. The department also has a very good Audiological setup. This includes sound proof audiometry room with latest audiometer, Impedance Audiometer and equipment for Oto Acoustic Emission (OAE), ASSR and BERA. There are 2 well trained, full time experienced Audiologist and Speech Pathologist.
We have a world class OT which is well equipped with latest technology including ZEISS Microscope, Bien - Air Drill, Nasal Endoscopes, Pediatric bronchoscope and Laser. We also have a shaver system i.e.Microdebrider.Recent addition is the Coblator that operates on Coblation Technology. Plasma layer which is formed produces less damage to tissue, minimal or no bleeding and subsequent less post-operative pain.
In order to facilitate quick and clear diagnosis and understanding of the ailment, the hospital provides Endoscopy recordings as a color print-out report or CD recording.