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Renal Sciences Infrastructure
The Department of Renal Sciences is well-appointed with highly experienced staff and backed by the latest technology machines, water plant, monitors etc. Our hemodialysis unit is equipped with 30 dialysis stations with complete segregation (isolation room) of infected and 'hepatitis' patients to avoid contamination. In the dialysis unit we have 'Drager monitors' for continuous monitoring of cardiac and sick patients. The monitors can be used for vitals like pulse, blood-pressure, respiratory rate and even online ECG rhythm, oxygen saturation etc. Every bed is equipped with 'nurse-call'. Our unit has one of the best “Central Water Plant” in the world with online water purification system, imported from Sweden. Besides, we also have portable “RO system” which can be used for dialysis across any bed in the hospital. The water quality, checked periodically, is matched with American standards (AAMI recommendations). We have 'automated dialyzer reprocessing machine' for reuse of dialyzers which is filled with 'Renalin' as a disinfectant.
Our peritoneal dialysis (PD) set-up includes a dedicated room to avoid any infection during the procedure. We have well trained surgeon to put PD catheter laproscopically. Our system of PD matches the international standards and the complication rates, including infection are very few.
Our transplant unit is equipped with 'deluxe-class' separate rooms for patients with ICU level monitors. The transplant program is run by trained transplant physicians, surgeons and transplant coordinator who have world-class training and have successfully completed numerous transplants. We have our own immunology lab for cross-match and other related tests. We are also equipped to monitoring drug levels in our lab.